Jiu Jitsu

From japanese “Ju”, gentle, and “ Jutsu”, art. Then, modified into Jiu Jitsu after its arrival in Brazil in the early 900. Here it was modified , developed and made a sport in continuous evolution. Jiu Jitsu is today a modern and versatile martial art, suitable both for sport practice and self defence. It’s based on levers, control, pressure and timing, aimed at achieving the submission. Unlike other martial arts based mainly on striking, Jiu Jitsu focuses on close combat, control, chokes and joint manipulations.


Characterized by the same principles of Jiu Jitsu, Grappling is practiced without Kimono and is subject to a slightly different ruleset. This, while decresing the possibility of grabbing and blocking, increases the range of leg locks (granted to a greater extent by the sporting ruleset) and makes different attacks possible. Its popularity today is due, in particular to MMA, a global combat sport, in which strikes are allowed as well as wrestling and close combat.

Functional Training

Excellent for a specific training for athletes and to keep fit as well, or as a rehab protocol after an injury. Functional training includes a wide variety of exercises that work on flexibilty, core,balance and strenght using weights as well as body exercises. An high intensity training to improve personal strenght, endurance and power, characterized by the extreme customization of training sessions, depending on your specific needs.



If you want to learn, have fun and keep fit at the same time,but have never practiced Jiu Jitsu, the Basics classes are here for you. A didactic program created to give the neophyte a first knowledge of the fundamentals and the basics that must be part of the technical background of a fighter.

All Levels

If you already practice  Jiu Jitsu or if you have been in the Basic Classes for six months at least,  you can access the All Levels classes and benefit from our complete program (from standing wrestling to ground transitions) constantly updated as a ever-changing discipline requires.

Drills and Competition

If you are a Jiu Jitsu , Grappling or MMA professional athlete, or an amateur with the desire to try to fight at a championship, we offer everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the mat to study and develop your own strategy and benefit from our experience in competition training.